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X4 Pharmaceuticals (XFOR) Stock forecast 2021

X4 Pharmaceuticals Inc is a clinical-degree biopharmaceutical business enterprise. X4 Pharmaceuticals Inc company is focused on restoring the immune machine characteristic by way of developing therapeutics for the remedy of uncommon illnesses. Its molecule therapeutics are antagonists of chemokine receptor CXCR4, which can treat a broad range of uncommon illnesses, along with primary immunodeficiencies (PIs) and most cancers. Its product candidate, X4P-001, has completed a Phase 2 trial in patients with a rare genetic PI referred to as Warts. The agency is also growing the X4P-002, which can enable penetration of the blood-brain barrier. It can also provide appropriate healing exposures to deal with brain cancers, together with glio-blastoma multi-forme.

 X4 Pharmaceuticals

Okay, so X4 Pharmaceuticals inc has six ratings giving it a strong buy with an analyst price target over the next 12 months of $19.50, which right now is a 208% increase in the next 12 months. X4 pharmaceuticals gets a smart score of 10 with an outperform rating from Its analyst ratings give it a strong buy with very positive notes from tip ranks, investors themselves, positive technicals, and increased hedge fund activities as well. Now checking out the actual analysts in their specific ratings here you can see we’ve got ratings from nine days ago to a month ago.

X4 Pharmaceuticals Stock Fundamental analysis:

Well, when we compare the price-book ratio of X4 Pharmaceuticals to the average industry price-book ratio of 3.35, X4 Pharmaceuticals is valued rather cheaply. X4 Pharmaceuticals is also cheaper than 85% of the companies listed in the same industry. On the other hand, based on estimates for the next 5 years, X4 Pharmaceuticals will probably show very strong growth in Revenue, and the Revenue will grow by 113.22% on average per year.

 X4 Pharmaceuticals forecast

According to the statistics, X4 Pharmaceuticals has a Current Ratio of 8.18, and this indicates that X4 Pharmaceuticals is financially healthy and has no problem meeting its short-term obligations.

X4 Pharmaceuticals Stock Technical analysis:

 X4 Pharmaceuticals analysis

According to Elliot waves analysis, the X4 Pharmaceuticals stock price movements are not giving strong bullish signals for the long term. But for the short term, I think the price has the possibility to go up and retest 7.20-8$ levels at least. In my view, the X4 Pharmaceuticals stock price has made WXYZ in the previous months and now the price has completed a minor WXY correction wave. If this view is correct, then the price should head up within the next few months to 11-12$ per share.
The X4 Pharmaceuticals stock price is already oversold on the bigger time frames and this increases the possibility of a deep correction to these levels.

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