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TD Holdings Inc (GLG) Stock Forecast 2021

TD Holdings Inc is A company engaged inside the commodity trading commercial enterprise and supply chain service enterprise in China. The Commodities Trading Business on the whole involves purchasing non-ferrous steel products from upstream steel and mineral suppliers and then selling to downstream customers. The Supply Chain Service Business often has served as a one-stop commodity supply chain service and digital intelligence supply chain platform integrating upstream and downstream enterprises, warehouses, logistics, records, and futures buying and selling. The company has 26 employees.

TD Holdings Inc stock summary:

TD Holdings Inc is currently up for 5.34%. Wonder and 68 point 3 million shares across the tape. And we have seven events here trading volume exceeded the 10 day average of 12.17 8 million shares by 2906 point 5,000,005 5%. Sorry, and the stock crossed above 50 days moving average as well. So it seems the stock is rallying we’ve been a longer-term bearish trend yesterday 200-day moving average, which is which represents the long term is bearish. And indeed all the other moving averages are very much bearish as we speak. But this is just the daily model we’re looking at right now we’ll have a look at the live woman model in a few minutes. But at the same time, the on-balance volume indicator has a slope that looks positive, and also definitely bullish as well. My D I think has just crossed above my digital grams. Currently above zero now, the 14-period slow stochastic oscillator seems to be improving. But the RSI is currently at 33.1 indicating that indeed the stock even though it is on 45% of their about is still very much in a very bearish trend. So let’s see what’s going on here. It’s up 39.18% has lost about 5%. This is what’s going on right now in the live model. It is currently trading below all of its moving averages and all of them also looking bearish as well, just like the daily model, momentum is not wonderful tunes 2.7 might be below the signal line.

TD Holdings Inc stock technical analysis:

The RSI is also still very much bearish at the moment just slightly above there to the moment just at 4.4 40. So momentum has just escaped this stock at the moment, even though it’s still supported in that 40.41 extensions of that 40 ish percent extension. It recorded. So right now, that is what’s going on. So let’s return and see the live daily module. So we got the data for the data module they can see there this is just a validation of what we saw earlier on. And it is also below the volume-weighted average price momentum. Okay seems to be improving. So the RSI seems to be improving now. It is now at 63.51. So this is a live module, the one we saw earlier on is a more static model. And it’s improving my D I believe maybe we don’t exactly know what’s doing that it should be above the signal line their momentum is also improving tried to improve at 55.77. So the news out there is yes it is from investor places according to have it two dates is that answers as announced plans to acquire two companies. According to a press release TD holdings has signed a non-binding Letter of Intent to acquire Guangdong, Jimbo junk Special Purpose vehicle court and one none. Jamaica’s new material school will have it acquired 100% stakes in both companies by offering a yet on determining the price for their shares TD holdings notes that these acquisition plans will have it’s entering the on-demand logistics a new energy vehicle industry. While an exact date for the acquisitions hasn’t been pinned down yet, these deals are expected to close within 180 days of the signer’s letter intent. It is worth pointing out that there’s no guarantee that TD Williams will move forward with acquisitions, the company still has to complete its due diligence research as well as negotiations with the acquisition targets. Okay, so that’s the news of that. Yes, yes, there are some moves is yes, that’s what most of the things may be behind this extension we are looking at right now a 40%. Extension look at the roughly Okay, if that is 7% one, that’s one, but 8.56% extension we’re looking at right now.

So this resulted in one minute model. Okay. So the stock is a penny stock. It’s quite attractive, and all that stuff, you know, so if you want to get involved, do your due diligence and see how they decide if you’re going to get involved. Let’s return to the daily model and see, okay, take technically It is now trading above all of its moving averages apart from the 200-day moving average. So I think the bearish trend is still very much there and very strange, still very much there. But at the same time, I would really urge caution, since he has run up this amount of extension, there is no guarantee that we’re going to continue to extend our ports if you want to get involved with it because you know, you have probably done your due diligence, and you feel the future’s bright for the stock, and you want to get involved and also that the bearish trend may have seen the current bearish trend that we are looking at right now may have come to an end. If you think that is the case, you know that it’s going to end with this extension we’re looking at right now. And maybe the opportunity is dead, maybe the momentum is dead now for you to get involved, if you want if you really be convinced about that, by all means, do so. But well, as usual with Fonzie, you, you can always afford to lose but all I can see is that the opportunity to get involved with the stock has been missed. If you haven’t gotten involved, the opportunity was, I believe, even asserts the previous as the close of the previous session as the 15th it was trading below all of its moving averages, you know, that was even the low of its all the time. I mean, this is that was the lowest of its 52-week range. So now the opportunity was the probably the last time you know, that for us the best time to have gotten involved.

According to waves analysis, the price has made a correction wave with an ABC pattern n the weekly time frame. After hitting the resistance level at 4.05$, the price started moving down again and reached 1.00 level. Technically, the price will move down to make a new daily low but with the latest trading volume that has appeared in the last week. I think the price will make another bullish movement to break the 4.10$ resistance level. This could be the 2nd bullish wave of the main correction wave. Note that there is still a possibility of going down and breaking the previous low. So, it’s better to wait for a clear breakout above the bearish trend line on the weekly time frame as you can see on the chart.

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