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AEHR Test Systems Stock Forecast 2021

Aehr Test Systems is a company that engages inside the design, manufacture, and advertising, and marketing of test and burn-in products to the semiconductor production enterprise. Its products include wafer touch take a look at systems, test at some point of burn-in systems, take a look at furnishings and die vendors. The company is based in Fremont, CA, and has 71 employees.

AEHR Test Systems summary: 

Aehr Test Systems

As you can see, the AEHR stock will trade up 21% and 90 59%, it broke that last couple of months, especially in the mid-February, high $3.50 as of today look very positive that you could see the stock price was running up at the end of 2020. And it’s kept running up and kind of trace down a little bit but still running as of right now. So they now are the fourth quarter of fiscal 2021 financial result. And guy up 70% revenue growth year over year for fiscal 2022 on a string from electric vehicles semiconductor test demand.

Aehr Test Systems

 This company, they do a lot of semiconductor production, some supply that so their revenue increases due to the demand of electric vehicle or computer chips, something like that, that drive and increased our revenue. So as you can see on the screen here, the net sale was 6.77 point 6 million, up 100 or 2% from 3.8 million, the full quarter of fiscal 2020. As you can see, they get back to the pre-pandemic revenue. As you can see in the title over here, there’s a lot of detail or number you can look to in the financial report. But overall their result was very positive and what the reason why investor we’re excited to trade this couple of years see the AEHR stock was gapping up from yesterday trading about $2.70 today was gapping up, you know, kind of from start trading at $3. So we’re $3.20.

Aehr Test Systems Techncial analysis:

However, today the market was in a good, very positive way. So that’s why you see the backdrop when you tried it and right here, the market couldn’t hold it, there’s not a lot of positive new course in the market in general because we have a lot of inflation and the economy issue a lot of still have a lot of things going on the economy, so is not very positive. So it shows right back down to $1.20 but at least is still holding about $3 as you can see. So potentially it might go up next trading day, as you can see the resistance probably about $3 ad set. And if you look to a longer timeframe, you can see that is somewhere is 3.60 cents is probably the resistance so in hindsight you can watch it 360 to 80 level if you can see it broke that level is this stock might as well just continue forward. And you can see compared to a lot of volumes traded today volume was spiking compared to a lot of day meaning this the outlook of the new especially for the semi conduct a lot of chip and something like that, that great generate more revenue for them into the future. So his rule is usually very excited for this kind of company. They follow the trend of electric vehicles and stuff like that.

Aehr Test Systems Forecast

Now, according to the long-term Elliot wave analysis, I think it’s better to wait before buying AEHR stock. As you can see, the stock is moving on a big triangle pattern “ABCDE” with correction waves only. The AEHR stock price has reached a strong bearish trend line on the weekly time frame and the price has probably completed waving D. Now, I expect the AEHR price to move down to complete the final wave E around 1.80$-1.50$. Then, we should have a strong bullish movement for the long term, the long-term target can be up to 12$ per share. But, a target of 6$ looks more logical for the short term. 

So, 1.80-1.50$ should be the best buying level, while the SL level should be placed around 0.40$. Your target should be placed between 5-12$.

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