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VERB Technology Company Stock Forecast 2021

VERB Technology Company is a software service, or SaaS, packages platform developer. Its platform is made from income enablement business software program merchandise advertised on a subscription basis. The packages are available in both cellular and desktop versions. It includes verbCRM, Customer Relationship Management application, verbLEARN, Learning Management System utility, and verb live, its Live Broadcast Video Webinar software.

VERB Technology Company summary:

 The first thing we’re going to be going over is the technical analysis, we’re going to be taking a look at the overall price action we want to know support. And we also want to know resistance, where are some levels where you know what VERB stock can look healthy here, especially on a pullback and still have the strength to have a run-up. we want to know is there a short squeeze potential? Can this continue to be a multi-day runner are going to be finding out and then we’re going to be taking a look at the order flow distribution, we want to know are institutions getting involved? Are they loading up on shares? Well, hey, I’m going to be talking about it. And then when all of that is done, we’ll be jumping into the final thoughts. So let’s get to it.

VERB Technology Company Technical analysis:

VERB company forecast

 So we’re going to be doing technical analysis on verb technology. Let’s see how it’s performed so far on the day at the time of this recording. So you can see it’s around $3.24 being up 30% on the day on the load tested $2.78. And then on the high testing $3.97. When we take a look at the volume stats, you can see the volume so far is that 259.27 2 million. And as far as the average volume over the past 10 trading days, it’s at 47.89 3 million. So definitely a big difference regarding Above Average volume. When we take a look at the RSI down below, of course, it’s red hot, being right around 84.51. And that’s no surprise has been on a run-up. And then we take a look at our indicators on the chart here. Of course, we have strength above the 200 days, the 100 days, and as well as the 21-day Ma. So we were able to be inside of this plan inside the private group. And of course, we were made some really good profits. But another thing I want to give you guys an update on due to the fact we had all this volume today, this does have the potential to be a multi-day runner. So if it does decide to pull back and area that I want to see Hold up, we’ll be right here around is $2.40 level. And possibly, which would be the better case scenario, I’d want to see it hold up around this $3 level. This is a psychological level here. But if it does decide to pull back then I’ll be looking out even four to 80. So we continue to keep these particular areas in mind when we get into these plays. But we also want to make sure there’s confirmation and the right setup. So if it gets to these particular areas, then, of course, we’ll be taking a look at it again. But I just want you guys to be aware I’m going to recap it again, we want to see some strength above 240 as well as 280 and a psychological level at $3. These are areas to pay attention to especially going into tomorrow and as well as next week. But one thing we do know for sure is we did hit a resistance level here right around this $4 level because we’re only able to get to $3.97. If we’re able to get past this particular level, then I’m looking forward to seeing a strong move going into the fourth surround final. We’re going to take a look at the short interest information for verb so you can see here to share volume ratio being at 33.02%.

VERB stock news

There’s a lot of short squeeze potential in this play. As we scroll down on the page short shares availability updated five minutes ago is at zero. And as far as the short Barfi rate that is not available updated five minutes ago, when we take a look at the history of the shirt volume ratio verb is used to being fairly high being above 21%. So even seeing it as we can see from the date here on July the 14th being at 30.46 but the high in this particular period was actually at 36.39. So considering This is why there is no surprise why verb stock was able to run up today because when you have a lot of volume coming into the stock and there’s a lot of buying Of course you can force short squeeze shorts are going to be covering their positions. So we ended up seeing these drastic moves in overall price action.

VERB stock 2021

Now let’s take a look at the order flow distribution for verb stock. So you can see here on the inflow add 204 and on the outflow at 193. So on the large we had 43 and then on the medium we had 117 and then on the small, we had 44 and this is in the millions. So when we take a look at the outflow side now large was 41 medium we had 109 and then small we have 42 when we take a look at the large scale orders in the last five days. You can see for today July the 15th. It was out 1,464.34. And then past training days, which were three, there were outflow days, and we had an inflow day. That was also in July, the ninth being at 649.62. So considering everything here, yes, it does have the potential to be a multi-day runner, but it can, this is dependent on volume, this is very, very key here, there needs to be that buying, there needs to be that demand. 

According to Elliot waves analysis, we have two scenarios here: 

The first scenario: the VERB price has made an ABC correction wave, the bulls running on the weekly time frame was the C wave which has completed at the 161.2 Fibonacci level (this is the usual level for the C wave).

VERB stock analysis

The 2nd scenario: the downside movements for the medium term has over, the VERB price has made a triangle pattern ABCDE and then the final bearish wave. So, the last bullish movement was the beginning of a new bullish cycle for the next 2 years. 

VERB stock

So, the key here is to wait for the next correction, if the VERB price made a retracement then started moving up again with a significant increase in the daily volume, then the VERB stock will probably continue moving up to the next target at 4$ level.

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