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NanoVibronix Inc NAOV stock forecast 2021

NanoVibronix Inc manufactures noninvasive biological reaction-activating gadgets that focus on biofilm prevention, pain therapy, and wound recuperation and may be administered at home, without the assistance of scientific experts. Its primary products are UroShield; PainShield; and WoundShield. Each of its UroShield, PainShield, and WoundShield merchandise employs a small, disposable transducer that transmits low frequency, low depth ultrasound acoustic waves that are seeking to repair and regenerate tissue, musculoskeletal and vascular systems, and reduce biofilm formation on urinary catheters and related urinary tract infections. The company derives sales from promoting its merchandise without delay to sufferers as well as through distributor agreements. NanoVibronix Inc has 12 employees and it’s located in the US. 

NAOV stock summary:

NAOV stock forecast 2021

 NAOV stock went crazy during the trading session last week, I mean it was very very flat for a long time opening I mean the close yesterday was 75 cents today It opened around 73 cents and a couple of hours in nothing had happened but then all of a sudden he just started slowly but surely going up and up and up and up and up and never stopped ended up closing it right around $2.61 being up 248% but then after hours kept going even higher and right around $3.60 after hours now it’s uh you know as of right now it’s still 10% after hours insane day and again when a company starts moving like this it’s gonna get people interested people are gonna be wondering what’s going on? Is the stock gonna keep going crazy like this? You know, just what happened? Why is this happening and what is going to continue to happen a very very small market cap stock here is 62 million. So gonna be very, very volatile going to be very interesting, 

NAOV stock increased 248% in one day:

NAOV stock increased 248%! Why did it happen? This is an article from pulse 2.0, a medical device company that produces the Euro shield and pain shield surface acoustic where portable ultrasonic therapeutic devices increased 248%. Today investors appear to be responding positively to the company announcing that the Journal of medical and surgical urology is publishing an article with overwhelmingly positive findings from a study of patients that used its euro shield in real-world settings. So for this study, 23 patients with reoccurring UTI were offered for using euro shield for a minimum period of 12 weeks. The objective and subjective measures of improvement were recorded every week, including the number of UTI antibiotic treatments, catheter blockage and changes, bladder washout hospitalizations, or nurse visits due to UTI his level of pain, sleep, and mobility. 

NAOV stock forecast 2021

So all different kinds of things that they’re trying to find out about this device, this treatment, what’s going on. As part of the findings, patients who report a significant decrease in the number of UTI and antibiotic treatments had fewer catheter blockages and catheter changes and pain were reduced significantly. By the end of the study, the peer-reviewed publication was submitted to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence as further clinical evidence towards zero shields achieving nice guidance. So this is a very, very big deal. 

Positive news impact on NAOV stock:

Again, it is a very small company, but they are starting to get some, positive test results, they’re starting to have some positive feedback on their treatments on their devices. And this is a very, very big deal not only just getting positive feedback and having tests and trials go well, getting some feedback from kind of the medical community again, the Journal of medical and surgical urology, they’re getting the National Institute for Clinical Excellence involved a lot of just good news hitting this doc all at once and again, investors responded, Wall Street responded, the stock market responded obviously, they liked what they were hearing, they liked what they were seeing, and they liked the potential future for these devices, they like two potential outcomes that they could have because like it is with all these, you know, medical type companies, they can really change the world they could change people’s lives, but also in the process of doing so they can make a lot of money they keep they have a lot of consumers if they have big reach, if it can be a very, very profitable device and treatment that a bunch of people are going to get their hands on at a decent price. Like you know, you want to help people out but you also are business at the end of the day, you’re trying to make money. This could be very, very interesting. 

NAOV stock forecast 2021

Now, as always, with these stocks, they’re going to be very, very volatile. All this good news came out today. Now if good news consistently keeps coming out and we keep hearing more and more and more this stock might continue to run and run and run and run and run. But if they ever hit a snag it some bad news ever comes out if they ever have to backtrack a little bit or if things just start taking a long time and there goes a period of no news at all. I think with these stocks more often than no news is bad news unfortunately because they are so small most people don’t know about him most people don’t care about him if they don’t continue to stay in the news they don’t continue to stay in the headlines people slowly kind of forget about them and then they kind of ride the wave of the next medical type thing that has news at the time she had to be careful but also when these things dip it can be potentially time to accumulate some shares for the long term. So you know check this out and see what you think about the findings see what you think about the research see what you think about the test and the trials and if this is something you believe in in the long term it may be it could be an interesting buy for you maybe it could be something to check out. But, before you do that, let me share my technical view on this stock below.

Technical analysis:

It was a good buying opportunity from 1-0.76 levels. But, I decided to look take a look at the bigger time frame (Monthly time frame) and I found out that this could be pump and dump and the NAOV stock price may start going down again in the next 2 months. 

NAOV stock forecast 2021

On the monthly time frame, the NAOV stock price is still moving on a bearish channel which still supports the bearish scenario. According to Elliot waves analysis, I think the price is moving on the C wave, and it will start going down again in the next two months or after reaching the blue bearish trend line. 

Again, I’m not 100% sure about this due to the lack of historical data, but I don’t think that buying this stock is a good idea for the short term. I think shorting NAOV stock is better. For the short term, the price can even reach 3-3.40$ levels but for me, I think these are the best selling levels. 

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